Locum Tenens

The term “locum tenens” is Latin for “holding one’s place.” A locum tenens agency, such as One Path Career Partners, and Locum Interactive, INC. can assign physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants on temporary assignments ranging from just a few shifts, weeks, or even for a year or more! Using a locum tenens agency like ours, you can fill planned leaves, and unplanned absences, with providers, and not have a gap in patient care.

Locum tenens providers are independent contractors. Medical malpractice insurance is provided by One Path Career Partners and Locum Interactive, Inc. free of charge for providers. However, as independent contractors, One Path Career Partners and Locum Interactive, Inc. is not able to provide healthcare benefits (this is the industry standard). It’s important to note that working as an independent contractor may have tax benefits (such as the ability to deduct healthcare premiums paid and other expenses). We recommend seeing your tax advisor for more information.

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