From the beginning, we’ve recognized that as a busy healthcare professional, you need a strong partner to manage the recruiting efforts for your provider needs. We are here to help you by managing the recruiting efforts for your open provider positions. Contact us today so we can discuss your needs, and our contract options.

Identifying Your Need

As a first step, our client services team will work with you to gather the information needed to launch the provider search. This information includes, but is not limited to, the type of provider, the specialty needed, the start date, your budget parameters, and the duration of the need. Of course, if you’re planning for a future need, we understand that you may not have all this information yet.

Candidate Submission

After understand what you are looking for, our recruiting team goes to work. Utilizing our extensive database and networks, we’ll identify the best providers for your position(s). Once we have outstanding candidates, their CVs and other information will be presented for you to review.

Candidate Interviews

Once you’ve selected the candidate(s) you’re interested in, we will coordinate interviews between yourself and those providers. Generally, these interviews consist of two stages: a phone interview and a site visit. These stages provide the opportunity to get to know your candidate so you can make an informed decision.

The New Hire

After you’ve had a chance to evaluate the candidate(s), let us know who you’d like to add to the team. We’ll present your offer to them, and handle any negotiations. One we’ve all agreed to move forward, your new provider will go through your own onboarding and credentialing process. We recommend making an offer within the same week as the final interview.